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The ACF research and education centre is one of the ongoing projects of the AFC still on it ' s start up. The aim is to study and protect carnivore wild animals like lions, cheetas, african wild dogs, hyenas and all others that populate the area and to attract Biologist and researcher in the area, one of the most spectacular african savanah near the foothills of Mt.Kilimanjaro. Lots of work and effort is being fed by Ms. Terry Harnwell, John Parkin, Arend De Haas and myself as newly appointed for all the engineering for energy, telecommunications and emergency response on camp, miles an miles away from Arusha the nearest urban area. We are working from hell below to this project putting all effort, personal resources, and having no budget, as part of the NGO scheme most of the items for the project comes from blessed donors, sponsors and private contributions and battling daily with slow bureaucracy, obstacles and the famous African Clock, the most and well described way of life in sub Saharian land where time does not matter, where minutes are hours and months are years, an almost poethical way to understand life, but time is running out for these species, poachers, diseases ( feline HIV and insects infection ). Desertification and change in climate is constantly decimating them and taking away from their usual habitat and pushing them towards human populated areas with all the trouble and disruptive effects to the local populations and their stocks. It is an issue that needs prompt attentions. As purely information, I lived in Kenya for several years and I had a house 10 miles away from the Athi River city South East of Nairobi close to the boundaries of the Nairobi National Park. The locals had informed me that I should be veru carefull when going out of the house as wild animals are starting to show up regularly near the compound in search of water and food. I was skeptical about this but in two occasions, during my permanence there, I had a close encounter to a family of Lions few hundred yards from my door at dusk and had to chase a group of Giraffes ( Twiga in local language ) that were devastating my bush trees inside my fenced perimeter, althout I was surprised for such proximity to them, they keept on their businness and took me quite a time to regain possession of my parking yard.

We need to act Now. Fellow OM this is a good occasion to show up Ham Spirit, help us with the project either in kind and with your suggestions and guidance.


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