HAM Call in Tanzania
Da oggi ottenere il Vs. nominativo in Tanzania e' piu' facile.  


From the ARSK ( Amateur Radio society of Kenya ) www.qsl.net/arsk



            This information was obtained from Tanzania in 2002 and is given in good faith, but may not still be accurate.  Applicants should consult the Tanzania Amateur Radio Society or office of the Director General, TCC, for current requirements.

            The address of the Tanzania Amateur Radio Club (TARC) is P.O. Box 2859, Dar-es-Salaam, T ANZANIA , and the e-mail tanzaniaarc@dit.ac.tz .   Tel: +255 (0) 22 2153200/215174 Ext. 252,  Fax: +255 (0) 22 3152504.

            The Tanzania Communications Commission, (TCC), www.tcc.go.tz , issues radio amateur
licences in Tanzania.  The postal address is:-

The Director General
Tanzania Communications Commission
P.O. Box 474

Telephone +255 22 2118947/52
Fax +255 22 2116664
TLX : 41858 COMCOM TZ.
E-mail: DG-TCC@tcc.go.tz

        Tanzania Communications Commission requires the following for a visitor's licence:-

- An application form duly filled in.
You have to buy the application form directly from TCC for TSh 10 000 (1 USD is variable but
approx. TSh 1000), fill in the serially numbered application form and submit the form
with the Receipt for the TSh 10 000.
- An accompanying letter in which you ask for the licence. This letter
should also include information regarding the duration of your visit and where you
are planning to stay.
- copy of your passport
- copy of your licence
- letter(s) of recommendation e.g. from your Amateur Radio Club, from your Diplomatic Mission in Dar es Salaam, or an English translation of a Letter of Good Conduct.
- Technical specifications of your transceiver. The best thing is to copy the page with the technical specifications. You should also write the exact type of the radio.
            Upon being granted the licence you have to pay another TSh 10,000 before you
will actually receive a call-sign and the licence.